For sensitive adult and growing cats with a normal activity level. Produced with Fresh Swedish Chicken.

  • Viljaton
  • Kananpoika

For cats > 1 year | 31% protein, 15% fat

Bozita Feline – Grain Free Single Protein Chicken is grain-free complete nutrition for adult and growing cats of all sizes with normal activity levels. The food is ideal for sensitive cats as it has a high proportion of chicken as its only animal protein source and does not contain grain. It’s gentle on a cat’s stomach and is highly digestible. The food is prepared with fresh Swedish chicken to provide good palatability. It contains prebiotic fibre (FOS) for the promotion of good intestinal function. It also has an optimal vitamin and mineral balance (Ca, Mg, P, Na) and a naturally high level of taurine.

Size: 400 g, 2 kg, 10 kg

Feeding guide

Weight of the cat (kg) Daily ratio (g) Daily ratio (dl)
1 15 0,3
2 31 0,7
3 46 1,0
4 62 1,4
5 77 1,7

The amounts indicated are shown for guidance. A cat grows fastest during the first months of its life and its energy needs per kg of bodyweight are therefore greatest during this period. To make sure that the kitten is and remains physically strong, it should not be allowed to grow too quickly and should be kept slim.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, not above normal room temperature. Directions for use: Serve dry accompanied by a saucer of fresh water.

Swedish natural quality

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